Britain predicted a “catastrophe” for the West due to the alliance of Russia and China

The Sun: the unification of Russia and China could turn into a “catastrophe” for the USA and Europe “Catastrophe”. Isabelle Soukins, a researcher at the Henry Jackson Society and an expert on Russia, writes about this in an article for The Sun.

According to her, due to the recent decision to expand cooperation between Moscow and China in the military sphere, Washington risks losing its position on the world stage. The expert said that cooperation between Russia and China, as well as their common concern about the actions of the West, is “a truly terrifying prospect.” the author calls this reason “imaginary”. She also emphasizes that if the two countries unite, they will want to rein in America in several fusion at once. The US will need the help of partners to cope with Russia and China, and they will be the first to turn to Europe, the expert believes.

Earlier, American political scientist Rafael Ordukhanyan compared the US to a decrepit old woman claiming the role of Juliet. In his opinion, at present there is an informational third world war and a new world order is being established, which consists in the establishment of superpowers in several aspects: military, political, economic, financial and informational. In his opinion, 20 years ago, the so-called united West and the United States confidently dominated in these areas, but the situation has changed.