Omicron strain found in 13 passengers arriving in the Netherlands from South Africa

13 cases of infection with the omicron strain were detected in passengers who arrived in the Netherlands from South Africa

A new omicron strain of coronavirus was detected in at least 13 air passengers who arrived in the Netherlands from South Africa. This is reported by TASS.

At the moment, the study of the samples taken is ongoing.

The authorities checked 642 passengers. According to the test results, coronavirus was detected in 61 of them. All of them are in isolation.

Earlier in the Netherlands, a lockdown was introduced due to the coronavirus. As the acting Prime Minister of the country Mark Rutte noted, now the pressure on the healthcare system is again “extremely great” due to the increase in the number of cases.

A new strain of coronavirus, code B.1.1.529, has been identified in South Africa 11 November. The first confirmed cases of infection date from November 24. The strain was named with the Greek letter “omicron” and has already managed to recognize its danger at the level of the World Health Organization.



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