Minsk states that there is no threat from migrants

Minsk called the attempt to break through the border by refugees as a reaction of “desperate people” The State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Alexander Volfovich said this in an interview with the STV TV channel on November 28.

According to Volfovich, the refugees' attempt to break through the border was a defensive reaction from “desperate people” and should not be feared. “People went with normal, peaceful purposes wherever they were called – to Germany, Great Britain, Europe. They run there, trying to find ways to achieve their goal. I would not say that they pose a threat to Belarus, “the politician noted.

He also added that such a reaction of migrants in response to the flash-noise grenades of the Polish security forces is predictable. “I put myself in the shoes of any man: if there were a wife and a child next to them, in which a flash-noise grenade flies and they are poisoned with gas, I would not only take a stick and a stone in my hands,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that migrants, most of whom are men from Iraq and Afghanistan, revolted in a guarded center for foreigners. According to Polish media reports, hundreds of illegal immigrants in Wenjin came to the site in front of the center building, began to damage equipment and break glass. At the same time, they shouted that the purpose of their arrival in Europe is Germany.