Listvyazhnaya employees talked about ways to deceive the gas security system

The Listvyazhnaya miner said that the gas sensors did not work for some unknown reason

Workers of the Listvyazhnaya mine 51 people died, told about the methods of deceiving the gas security system in an interview with

Miner Nikolai Alimov said that when the gas level rose, the electricity did not turn off. According to the worker, he was shocked when he saw the flashlights blink at a certain concentration of gas. “I heard about glued sensors, but I haven't seen anything like that myself. Otherwise, I simply would not have gone to the mine. I wouldn’t let someone else stick the sensor, and I wouldn’t, ”he added.

According to miner Denis Davydov (name has been changed), the sensors did not work for some unknown reason. “We were told:“ Go to the prey ”. And people were driving, ”he said. At the same time, the authorities were aware of what was happening, and the deputy director was in the mine a day before the explosion. According to Davydov, he “saw everything perfectly and knew about gas,” but “the leadership needed coal.”

At the same time, the gas concentration rate at which work was permitted was constantly increasing. “At first they worked at two or three percent of methane content, then at four, a little later, and at all at seven or eight. It got to the point that they would stop the harvester, ventilate it a bit – and then let's go, ”he shared.

Methane explosions at the Listvyazhnaya mine took place on the morning of November 25th. 51 people died. Among the dead are both miners and rescuers who went to rescue them. A criminal case was initiated, five suspects, including the director of the mine, were arrested for two months. The families of those killed at Listvyazhnaya will receive one million rubles each from the Social Insurance Fund.