In the Netherlands, 61 travelers from South Africa diagnosed with coronavirus

The Netherlands tested 61 COVID-19 passengers from South Africa for omicron

Ten percent of passengers arriving from South Africa to the Netherlands received positive test results for coronavirus, writes Reuters.

On Friday, November 26, 624 passengers flew from South Africa to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in two planes. They began to be tested for the presence of COVID-19 in the body. Medical checks continued on Saturday, November 27. 61 travelers have been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

“People who test positive will be placed in isolation at or near a hotel in Schiphol,” the authorities said. A number of passengers, presumably, have been diagnosed with a new strain of the omicron coronavirus.

Earlier, a lockdown was introduced in the Netherlands due to the coronavirus. As the acting Prime Minister of the country Mark Rutte noted, now the pressure on the healthcare system is again “extremely great” due to the increase in the number of cases.

He specified that the lockdown was introduced for three weeks, from November 13 to 4 December. On December 3, a government meeting will be held at which a decision will be made whether to extend it.

A new type of coronavirus, which contains 32 mutations in the S-protein, was first recorded in Botswana and South Africa.

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