Anapa residents complained about the “naked bellies” of Russian tourists outside the beach

Anapa residents named the most annoying habits of Russian tourists Their opinion was published by a Russian traveler in her personal blog on the Yandex.Zen platform.

So, Anapchane complained about the inappropriate appearance of some vacationers. “You will never see a resident of Anapa walking around the supermarket in swimming trunks. Locals will not go to a restaurant in wet clothes. They won't walk the promenade without a T-shirt. They will not go out into the city in a thong under a transparent pareo. And tourists for some reason consider it normal, “they said and added that there is nothing pleasant about looking at” naked bellies off the beach “throughout the summer.

It is also noted that travelers often behave noisy at night, drinking alcohol and listening to loud music. “They don't realize that not everyone is on vacation. Someone gets up early for work. Someone has small children, “the Anapchane protested.

Another annoying habit of vacationers is their impudent behavior and unwillingness to take away garbage. “A lot of people come to rest in the position“ I paid – everyone should bow down to me ”. Such tourists communicate with the service personnel as if they were inferior people. They are rude, they shake their rights, they consider themselves superior to them, “local residents were indignant.

Earlier in November, a Russian woman rested in Anapa in the fall and described the resort with the phrase” it smells like a public toilet. ” Most of all, the traveler was outraged by the dirty “blooming” sea, which is not cleansed. She said that because of the stagnant water with mud and algae, vacationers often get sick with rotavirus, spending holidays “hugging the toilet”.



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