Ukraine called Russia capable of freeing Europe from US occupation

Former deputy of Rada Muraev: only Russia and China are capable of freeing Europe from the US occupation on the air of the “NASH” TV channel said that Europe has been under US occupation since 1945. According to the politician, only Russia and China are capable of helping to free her.

“It is impossible now to talk about a developed and independent Europe, because it has been under US occupation since 1945 and to get out of this occupation without Russia or China will not be able to. They are also tired, extreme right sentiments are growing, they get tired of the fact that they are always satisfied with migration crises, they want to live by their own interests, and not the agenda that is imposed on them from overseas and this is our common problem, ”said ex-deputy of the Rada.

He added that Kiev should understand what kind of wars they are trying to involve and for whom it is fighting, and also understand how it is not profitable for the country to do what is required of it. In his opinion, if the talk is about the so-called large continental union, then the presidential form of government is not suitable for Ukraine.

Earlier, the British Ambassador to Kiev, Melinda Simmons, told how Ukraine could “get rid” of Russian gas. She called for Kiev to stop being energy dependent, especially on Russia. For this, in her opinion, Western countries should invest in green energy.