Russians were given advice on choosing and storing tangerines

Quality Inspector Pavlova: tangerines must be clean, resilient and free from damage in an interview with RIA Novosti she gave recommendations on the selection and storage of tangerines. According to her, the fruit should be clean, firm, without damage and spots on the skin.

According to the expert, such marks can be a sign of a fruit disease that will lead to rapid decay. In particular, Pavlova advised not to take green, rotten, moldy, frostbitten and tangerines with damage affecting the pulp.

“On sale there are often fruits with a torn stem – a twig. In this case, you should refuse to purchase. Various microorganisms can get into the place of attachment of the stalk with the fruit – especially for fruits with thin skin, ”the specialist added.

In addition, Pavlova gave advice on storing tangerines. Citrus peels are susceptible to off-flavors, she says, so don't store them next to strong-flavored foods. “It is important to carefully monitor what lies next to them in the refrigerator, because the peel of tangerines is susceptible to odors and acquires an extraneous aroma,” she explained.

The expert advised storing tangerines at a temperature of three to eight degrees heat for 4-6 weeks. As the inspector explained, at lower temperatures there is a risk of freezing of the fruit, which worsens the appearance and keeping quality of the fruit – numerous small sunken brown spots appear.

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