Conditions for deprivation of inheritance

Lawyers: the right to inherit can be forfeited for forging a will

The court may declare a citizen unworthy of receiving an inheritance if he attempts to forge a will. The conditions under which the relatives of the deceased can be deprived of the opportunity to receive property, RIA Novosti was named by lawyers.

According to experts, only a court can deprive a citizen of inherited property, based on evidence from other persons entitled to inheritance. Forging a will is considered one of the most common conditions under which relatives are deprived of the right of ownership. For such an act, criminal prosecution may also threaten with imprisonment for up to two years.

The list of conditions for deprivation of inheritance includes the conclusion of a fictitious marriage, which must be proved, and pressure on the testator or his relatives in order to obtain part property or increase your share of the inheritance when drawing up a will. Citizens who were deprived of parental rights, as well as those who did not look after the testator by order of the court, or contributed to the deterioration of his health, may remain without inheritance. Such accusations must be proven in court.

Earlier, the lawyer recalled the need to pay debts for the inherited housing, for example, mortgage and housing and communal services debts are transferred to the heir. He can be released from a part of the debt that exceeds the amount of the property received. The specialist advised to collect complete information about the debts of the deceased before entering the inheritance in order to understand their responsibilities.



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