British general compared “Russian threat” to extremism

British General Carter: Russia poses a greater threat to the country than extremism a threat to the United Kingdom than extremist groups. He expressed this opinion in an interview with The Telegraph.

According to Carter, the world is currently changing faster and stronger than in the era of both world wars of the XX century. He said that in 2014, when he took over as Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, there was a debate about whether the main threat was coming from violent extremism or from Russia. According to the general, “then it seemed that it was from extremism.”

“But then in 2018 there was an attack on the Skripal family in Salisbury. It has become abundantly clear that Russia poses the most critical threat to our country, “said Carter.

The commander noted that Russia is given” priority attention “by the British Prime Minister's National Security Advisor Stephen Lovegrove. Carter emphasized that “there is an unpleasant possibility of misjudgment of the situation, we need to make sure that it does not get out of control.”

At the same time, the British general admitted that ultimately “nothing can replace dialogue, including with the Russians, for a better understanding of each other. ” In addition, the chief of defense staff said that the UK, in addition to Russia, is concerned about the military-political maneuvers of China and “closely monitors” Iran's activity in the Middle East.

Previously, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Maria Zakharova commented on reports about the threat of an attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine. According to Zakharova, such statements made by the United States and other NATO countries are not supported by anything. “The goal of that massive information campaign is to whip up anti-Russian hysteria,” Zakharova said.



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