The Russians were offered to give additional days off for revaccination

State Duma Deputy Tumusov: Russians should provide days off for revaccination vaccination, but also for revaccination against coronavirus infection. He voiced the idea in an interview with Sputnik radio.

According to the deputy, Russian employers are advised to provide employees with two days off for vaccination against COVID-19 – one day for each component of the vaccine – but this is not enough.

“I am a supporter of not coercing vaccinations by violent methods, I am in favor of stimulating. I think that giving days off is kind of a bonus, an encouragement to those who get vaccinated. The same is with revaccination, “he said.

Tumusov added that providing employees with days off for vaccinations and revaccinations is beneficial for employers themselves. “If a person gets sick, then he will be out of order for some time. This will hit the economy of the enterprise, “he stressed.

According to the deputy, it is possible to reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus, as well as reduce the risk of hospitalization of a person due to the severe course of this disease, only with the help of vaccinations and subsequent revaccinations.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a document according to which Russians who were vaccinated against COVID-19 should be given two paid days off. The head of state also ordered to multiply the coverage of tests for COVID-19 and to provide isolation of the sick as soon as possible.