Uber banned in EU capital

A Brussels court has banned Uber

An appeals court in Brussels ruled that Uber should disable the taxi booking app in the Belgian capital. The service has stopped working in this country, writes Reuters.

The ban on private individuals from providing taxi services now also applies to professional drivers. Uber said it was very upset with this court decision. This will affect about two thousand drivers, the company noted. In protest, taxi drivers blocked a main street in the EU capital on 25 November. The Brussels administration has said it will work on a “temporary solution” to ban Uber.

Uber is suing many European countries for not meeting service regulations and staffing practices. Some drivers complain that they cannot make enough money through the app, and that they are unable to take advantage of hospital payments and annual leave.

It was previously reported that food delivery service Uber Eats will begin delivering marijuana to customers in Ontario, Canada. The company said the new option will help combat illegal trade in the country and allow Canadians to buy safe and legal cannabis.



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