The widow of the deceased miner spoke about the working conditions at Listvyazhnaya

The widow of the deceased at Listvyazhnaya spoke about the indifference of the authorities to the requests of employees

The accidents at the Listvyazhnaya mine in the Kemerovo region could have been avoided if the management listened to the complaints of subordinates, and also did not force them to work in such conditions. The widow of the deceased worker Alexander spoke about them in an interview with

According to her, she and her husband constantly lived in fear. The woman shared that her husband, along with colleagues, constantly talked to the authorities about exceeding the permissible concentration of harmful emissions in the tunnels, but they were ignored. According to Alexandra, the miners' safety was the last thing they thought about, as they were ready to pay off with large salaries. The main thing for them was not to stop working, she added.

“Yesterday a guy had a fight with his superiors. He says that there was 7 percent of gas there. He says they even felt it. The chief was told, and he replied: “Why, come on, work, we will pay you two hundred thousand,” – said the widow of one of the miners.

The incident became known on Thursday, November 25. The total number of people injured as a result of the accident at the Listvyazhnaya mine in Kuzbass increased to 63. During the accident, 52 people died, among them six were mine rescuers. The missing 35 miners remaining inside are listed as dead. On the eve, rescuers suspended search operations due to the threat of an explosion.