Dozens of flights canceled or delayed at Moscow airports

Yandex.Schedule: Mass cancellation of flights occurred at Moscow airports

a total of 30 flights were canceled. Mass delays are reported by the online service for tracking departures Yandex.Schedule.

It is specified that, according to information at 09:00 Moscow time, four flights were delayed at Vnukovo airport and three more flights were canceled, at the airport Sheremetyevo has delayed five flights, canceled nine, and nine flights were delayed at Domodedovo.

There is no data on any irregularities in the schedule in Zhukovsky. The reasons for changing the departure time of dozens of flights have not been disclosed.

Earlier on November 24, it was reported that more than 20 flights were canceled and delayed at Moscow airports due to heavy snowfall. Thus, three flights were delayed at Sheremetyevo, 13 flights were delayed at Domodedovo and two more flights were canceled, and three flights were delayed at Vnukovo, and two more were canceled.