The future chancellor of Germany opposes the new lockdown

Bild: SPD head Olaf Scholz opposed a new lockdown in Germany

Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) head Olaf Scholz will become the country's chancellor, opposed a new lockdown. This is reported by the Bild edition, RIA Novosti reports.

At the same time, Scholz is ready to extend restrictions on holding major events for both vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens. According to the likely future head of the Ministry of Finance Christian Lindner, the existing measures, including the law on infectious protection, have not yet been exhausted.

It is noted that the Minister of the Department of the German Chancellor Helge Braun spoke for the introduction of a lockdown for two weeks. However, the authorities of some federal states and parties from the new German government did not agree with this.

On November 24, the Robert Koch Institute reported that a record number of COVID-19 diseases was recorded in Germany per day – 66,884 new cases. In total, almost 5.5 million cases of infection and more than 99 thousand deaths associated with the infection have been registered in the country since the beginning of the pandemic.