The court arrested businessman Ebralidze in the case of 500 kilograms of rubles

Businessman Ebralidze was arrested in St. Petersburg in the case of the loss of 3 billion rubles until December 23 in the case of the loss of three billion rubles from the vault of his own Constance Bank. This was reported by TASS with reference to the united press service of the city courts.

Ebralidze is suspected of committing a crime under Part 3 of Art. 33 (“Organization of a crime”) and Part 4 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Appropriation or embezzlement”). He will be detained in a pre-trial detention center until December 23.

Alexander Ebralidze was detained by officers of the Federal Security Service (FSB) on Wednesday, November 24. In 2016, after an audit, the Deposit Insurance Agency revealed the fact of a shortage in Constance Bank. Three billion rubles, weighing 500 kilograms, disappeared from the vault, which the owner of the bank, Ebralidze, decided to reimburse from his own funds in order to preserve the reputation of the credit institution. And he himself filed an application with law enforcement agencies to prosecute those involved in the loss of money. Ebralidze then stated that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of billions, but promised to “close this issue.”



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