Urgant made fun of Bastrykin's words about Morgenstern and drug trafficking

Urgant about Bastrykin's accusations against Morgenstern: the Investigative Committee should not prove it that the rapper Morgenstern allegedly sells drugs on social networks. The showman also joked about the proposal of the chairman of the UK to revive student construction brigades. The presenter's statements were aired on the Evening Urgant program on Channel One, the release is available on YouTube.

Urgant's co-host Dmitry Khrustalev asked a colleague during the show if the Investigative Committee should support the accusations against Morgenstern with evidence. “This is the most common misconception,” joked Urgant in response. – Fortunately, the Investigative Committee does not have to prove anything! Morgenstern must prove that he does not sell drugs on social networks. ”

The TV presenter also mentioned Bastrykin's statements about the dangers of digitalization for young people and the need to revive student construction brigades. Urgant mocked those that the head of the Investigative Committee suggested that students “take a shovel, a brick and learn what human labor is.” As the showman noted, with the help of a shovel and bricks, you can build a tandoor (a brazier oven used in everyday life by the peoples of Asia – approx. “Lenta.ru” ). “Dear parents, think about the future. By turning off the Internet for your child today, you get fresh, fragrant cakes tomorrow, “said Urgant.

On November 24, it became known that Morgenstern had left for Belarus. The musician's concert director said that the performer went abroad to participate in a private event.

The day before, Bastrykin accused Morgenstern of trafficking in illegal substances on social networks. The rapper's lawyer Sergei Zhorin admitted that the words of the head of the Investigative Committee caused bewilderment in him.



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