This is the antibody: the State Duma suggested giving QR codes to those vaccinated with a foreign vaccine

Vaccinated with foreign vaccines, and & nbsp; also “ unofficially '' Citizens who have recovered from COVID-19 were offered to issue QR codes. As Izvestia found out, such amendments to & nbsp; government bills were prepared for & nbsp; submission to the State Duma by deputies from the & nbsp; LDPR faction. According to & nbsp; their & nbsp; opinion, everyone who & nbsp; has COVID-19 antibodies should enjoy equal rights. Their amendments to & nbsp; bills on & nbsp; QR codes are being prepared in the & nbsp; Communist Party of the Russian Federation, they do not & nbsp; exclude their & nbsp; introduction and & nbsp; in & nbsp; parties “ United Russia ''; and & nbsp; Fair Russia. According to experts, the deputies plan to soften the bills so as not to & nbsp; allow the growth of social tension.

Officially and & nbsp; not & nbsp; very

As reported to Izvestia Deputy Chairman of the LDPR faction, head of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and & nbsp; Affairs of Veterans Yaroslav Nilov, Liberal Democrats have prepared their amendments to & nbsp; government bills on & nbsp; QR codes. Both documents were submitted to the & nbsp; parliament by the Cabinet of Ministers on November 12 & nbsp; they relate to the mandatory presentation of digital passes by citizens for & nbsp; visits to public places, and & nbsp; also when & nbsp; & nbsp; trains and & nbsp; planes.

& mdash; & nbsp; We & nbsp; We & nbsp; We & nbsp; ; we believe that & nbsp; people who were vaccinated with a foreign vaccine or had been ill unofficially, but & nbsp; have immunity, do not & nbsp; differ from & nbsp; those who & nbsp; received a Russian vaccine or were officially ill. If herd immunity is important to us, we need to give them the opportunity to receive a QR code. Plus, we & nbsp; offer an amendment to & nbsp; amnesty for everyone who & nbsp; received fake QR codes. They & nbsp; must be given the opportunity to vaccinate, & nbsp; & mdash; the parliamentarian explained.

The deputy stressed that the & nbsp; final decision on & nbsp; support of bills by the party has not yet been made. It will be officially announced closer to the & nbsp; consideration of new norms at the & nbsp; meeting of the State Duma, and & nbsp; also with & nbsp; taking into account the proposed amendments to & nbsp;

The Liberal Democratic Party's proposals are partly shared in the & nbsp; Communist Party of the Russian Federation, where they initially opposed the bills, however now we intend to hold special parliamentary hearings on this topic.