The girl found a way to imitate a trip to the club in spite of her former lover

Blogger photographed herself in an evening dress to make her ex-boyfriend jealous to make her ex-lover jealous, and became famous on the net. The corresponding video appeared in her TikTok account.

A network user with the nickname disappointedchef took part in a flash mob, the participants of which share their shameful stories. The girl said that in 2018 she published a story on Instagram in spite of her ex-boyfriend, pretending that she went to a party.

In particular, she photographed herself in the mirror in a black mini-dress and high-heeled sandals. while doing styling and bright evening makeup. In the next shot, she captured herself close to the camera with a flash to create the illusion of being in a nightclub.

“Our breakup was terrible, and I shot a story for my best friends, to which I added only him. Then I dressed up, took a picture in the mirror and dressing room, and then went downstairs to my mother's kitchen. I also took a picture in a taxi so that he thought that I had slept with someone at night, “Allie admitted.

The publication of the heroine of the material went viral and gained almost two million views. The audience was amused by the video, which they began to write about in the comments. “I think we all did such stupid things,” “The funny thing is that your stories are as implausible as possible,” “I laugh out loud,” “How funny, I was the same,” they said.

Earlier in October, the woman lost weight in spite of her ex-boyfriend and delighted subscribers. In the footage posted online, 30-year-old Jordan explained that after breaking up with her lover, she received a message from him: “No one will ever love you.” The woman decided to take revenge on the offender and prove otherwise.