Named a way to profitably buy currency

Financier Arzamastsev urged to buy insignificant amounts of currencies through the bank's application for a purchase than at a bank, even with brokerage commissions included. He called the Russians the best way to buy currency, reports the Prime agency.

Arzamastsev said that it is better for private investors to buy currency on the stock exchange. However, there are several factors to consider. For example, the financier urged to buy small amounts of currencies through the bank's application.

“Currently, one lot on the Moscow Exchange currency market is one thousand US dollars or euros, so many brokers can buy currency on the exchange only in such lots. That is, if you need to buy, for example, $ 2,500, then this will not work, and you will have to choose between an amount of two or three thousand conventional units of currency “, – explained Arzamastsev.

Previously, the Russians were called” golden time “to buy currency. Analyst Sergei Kuchin recommended that Russians buy it every month for a portion of their savings.