A blogger in Moscow relieved himself of need at a stand with a snapshot of a war veteran

In Izmailovo, a blogger retired to a stand with a photo of a Great Patriotic War veteran Izmailovo, REN TV reports.

The video was posted by a user under the nickname ogm4tt_aka_bamperone in Stories on his Instagram page. After a while, he deleted the video. The man's account is filled with pictures of him being captured behind bars. It is still unknown whether an investigation has been started on this fact.

In April, a resident of Novosibirsk stole money from the bowl of the Eternal Flame. The footage shows a man in a camouflage jacket collecting coins from the monument. An eyewitness asks him if he has a job and explains to the child off-screen that bad people do this. The Russian does not react to remarks and statements.

In March in Togliatti, a group of teenagers extinguished the Eternal Flame in Victory Park. Judging by the footage from the scene, the students wanted to burn some paper, but the sheet fell on the memorial and the fire went out.



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