Doctor Komarovsky called the reasons to urgently see a doctor for pain in the ears

Doctor Komarovsky: a child under three months old with ear pain urgently needs to be shown to a doctor a child with ear pain needs to be urgently seen by a specialist. He named reasons to see a doctor in a post published on Instagram.

The TV presenter said that in some cases, a child who complained of discomfort in the ears should be taken to the doctor immediately. “You should be aware of situations when there can be no talk of any” doctor only in the morning “, when it is urgently needed right now,” Komarovsky emphasized.

According to him, parents' fears should cause situations when moderate pain lasts more than three hours, or when mild pain lasts more than a day. The doctor also clarified that the danger is pain that occurs in a child under three months old, and one that is combined with headache or discomfort in the muscles of the neck.

At the same time, the specialist noted that parents without special skills cannot will be able to determine what type of ear pain a child suffers from before the age of one year. Parents should be alerted to the child's lethargy, pallor, refusal to drink and eat, the doctor said. Alarming symptoms are also monotonous persistent crying and vomiting. “Don't expect anyone and nothing, hide away all these“ somehow inconvenient ”and“ where are we going to look at night, ”Komarovsky added.

“ Just in case, we note that before the doctor you shouldn't drip anything into your ear and you shouldn't warm your ear in any way, ”the doctor concluded.

Earlier, the TV presenter warned about the danger of bed rest with ARVI. Komarovsky explained that a patient who is in a horizontal position increases the risk of complications associated with insufficient ventilation.



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