British doctors named early signs of dementia in 40-year-olds

Alzheimer & # 39; s Research UK: Vision problems are early symptoms of dementia

UK Dementia Research Charity ( Alzheimer's Research UK) stated that the disease increasingly affects people over the age of 40, writes Express.

Doctors have named the early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. The first alarming sign can be considered vision problems, due to which the patient acquires difficulties in recognizing objects. Another sign of developing dementia, experts called aphasia – a condition when a person cannot find the right words to convey what he wants to say.

Changes in personality and behavior have also been considered early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, but they are noticed hard. Often such people are not in a mood, irritable, unsure of themselves, they lose interest in the activities they loved.

Doctors believe that the cause of the early onset of dementia is a combination of lifestyle and genetic factors. Smoking, heavy drinking, a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diets, high cholesterol levels have been identified as triggers of dementia.

Previously, researchers concluded that common early symptoms of dementia include memory problems. especially memory of recent events, growing confusion, decreased concentration.



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