A man locked himself at home for two years for fear of stopping the taste of whiskey

Whiskey connoisseur refused to leave the house for fear of contracting COVID-19 and losing his sense of smell

Whiskey connoisseur from Edinburgh, Scotland to get out of isolation and lock himself at home for two years so as not to get sick with COVID-19 and not to stop feeling the taste of the drink. His story is published by the Daily Mirror.

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Bowman, 31, decided to isolate himself even before the official introduction of quarantine, and in February 2020, together with a partner, locked himself at home. After the restrictions were lifted at the state level, the Scotsman decided to continue personal quarantine and still only leaves the house for walks and groceries.

As the man explained, his decision was motivated by the fear of losing his sense of smell and ceasing to taste whiskey and coffee. Prior to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Bowman traveled around the world, including Malaysia, Greece, Norway and Turkey, and attended business dinners and lunches as a whiskey connoisseur and seller. For a successful trade, a man needs to taste the drink in order to understand its varieties.

“It makes no sense even to drink whiskey after losing their sense of smell, because people told me that they can only feel its texture, but not the taste”, – he explained.

Bowman admitted that he likes his new lifestyle and can continue to work from home.

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