Russians warned of a new way of fraud with pensions

ONF: scammers send notifications from Yandex mail about the return of pension savings mail “Yandex” notification of the return of pension savings. The All-Russian Popular Front (ONF) reported to about a new method of deception.

Attackers write on behalf of a fictitious organization – “Services of Fin. monitoring “. Referring to amendments to the law on compulsory pension insurance, they promise the return of “insurance savings”. Fraudsters assure that the transfer did not go through in the automatic mode, now it is necessary to complete its registration online.

The letter contains a button “Issue a return” and a “unique transfer number” is indicated. There is also a call to contact the multifunctional center if there are problems with online registration. When a person clicks on a button, they end up on a phishing site, where they are asked to enter their card details. This is how scammers steal money, experts warn. In addition, Russians are encouraged to pay a commission of 459 rubles for a refund. ONF notified Yandex about the detected attack, the company's employees are working to resolve the problem.

Earlier it was reported that the number of Russians wishing to earn money after officially retiring has grown by 22 percent compared to 2020. 61 percent of Russians intend to continue working after reaching retirement age.