Americans were warned of the tragic consequences of provocations near the borders of Russia

Retired Colonel Litovkin: US provocations near the borders of the Russian Federation may result in a third world war due to the human factor, which, in turn, will result in tragic consequences for both sides. This was stated by the TASS military observer, retired colonel Viktor Litovkin in an interview with “”.

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Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that in November strategic bombers of the US Air Force worked out a possible nuclear strike on Russia. The minister also pointed to a significant increase in the activity of American aircraft in the immediate vicinity of the country's borders.

“Any mistake on one side or another could trigger a third world war – well, maybe not a third world war, but a serious incident with the death of people, the death of an aircraft, and so on, “- he warned.

According to him, the United States often turns to intimidation with nuclear weapons, strike aircraft carrier groups and other military actions as an instrument of hybrid warfare against individual states and their associations. However, such measures do not always bring the desired results: for example, the administration of US President Donald Trump at one time failed to intimidate North Korea. “After all, the Americans are at war with those countries that are weak and cannot fight them back,” Litovkin noted. “They are not able to fight against strong states, they are afraid, because the losses for the Americans will be very sensitive.”