Peskov spoke about doctors dissuading patients from vaccinations

Peskov called a very bad situation when doctors dissuade patients from vaccinations

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called a very bad situation when doctors patients from vaccinations. On this occasion, he spoke on Wednesday, November 24, TASS reports.

“This is very bad, (…), in fact, when the lives of these people are in danger,” – said the press secretary of the Russian president … At the same time, Peskov added that the determination of punishment in such cases is not the prerogative of the Kremlin.

On November 17, senator, candidate of medical sciences Alexander Bashkin proposed to deprive anti-vaccination doctors of medical diplomas for life. He is confident that the physician who discourages patients from vaccinations does not have the proper education, medical knowledge and practice. For this reason, the senator specified, such doctors should not work.

However, Russian doctors disagreed on this issue. Thus, therapist Irina Yartseva said that she could understand the fears of doctors who do not trust the vaccine. In this regard, she proposed allocating a budget for educational work to reduce fear of vaccination. At the same time, therapist, cardiologist Yaroslav Ashikhmin considered it right to deprive doctors of their diplomas. It would also introduce financial or administrative liability for anti-vaccine doctors.