Oscar Kucera responded to doctors' invitations to hospitals infected with COVID-19

Actor Oscar Kucera responded to the invitation of doctors to hospitals infected with COVID-19

area of ​​hospitals with COVID-19 infected patients. In an interview with the radio station “Moscow speaking” he said that he was not an anti-vaccine, but opposed compulsory vaccination.

“I am struggling with only one thing – do not force anyone. Explain, bring, take responsibility, “the artist said.

Kuchera suggested that the doctors who signed the invitation letter thought he was denying the disease. “I could, if I had the opportunity, invite tuberculosis, pneumonia and cancer patients to the“ red zones ”. They die too. However, I am not forced to vaccinate against these diseases, and there are many more deaths from them. Why did people invite me to the “red zone” of covid patients? ” – he was indignant.

The presenter refused the invitation, stressing that “he is not an anti-vaccine.” “I am for the freedom to choose actions with my body. If you force everyone without exception, then take responsibility. But you don’t want to take responsibility, you decided to pay 30 thousand rubles to my family if I die from your vaccination, ”he noted.

Artists Maria Shukshina and Yegor Beroev also responded to the invitation. They stated that they do not oppose vaccination, but criticize the “procedure for its implementation.” pandemic, invited them on an “excursion” to the red zones of hospitals, where patients with coronavirus lie. Denis Protsenko, the head physician of the hospital No. 40 in Kommunarka, said that doctors were trying to convey the importance of decisive action in the fight against the pandemic, which cannot be stopped by empty talk and reasoning.