Nutritionist spoke about the benefits of carrots

Nutritionist Korableva: carrots are contraindicated in diseases of the liver, stomach and intestines what diseases it is not worth using. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to the expert, this vegetable is good for the skin, cardiovascular system, and is convenient for losing weight. In this case, carrots are contraindicated in liver diseases. “If an organ is unhealthy, then it cannot assimilate carotene. Among the contraindications are also stomach or intestinal ulcer and enteritis, that is, inflammation of the walls of the small intestine, “Korableva said.

Earlier, nutritionist-cardiologist Asiyat Khachirova told how to make sandwiches less harmful. She believes that you should use wholegrain bread and add boiled meat, lightly salted fish or cheese to it.



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