In Russia, they thought about QR codes for “unofficially” COVID-19 patients

RBC: the government is thinking about introducing QR codes for “unofficially” COVID-19 patients

The Russian government is thinking about introducing QR- codes for people with antibodies to coronavirus, but who are not officially registered with COVID-19. RBC writes about this with reference to sources close to the relevant departments.

According to their information, at the moment the government is “working on this”, the decision may be announced in the near future, and it will be “formalized”. At the same time, the interlocutor of the publication did not specify when and how this will be done, explaining that the details are still being discussed.

Another source of the publication said that if a decision is made to issue QR codes based on the level of antibodies, then not only those who have been ill without an official doctor's diagnosis, but also those vaccinated with foreign vaccines will be able to apply for them.

Earlier, an infectious disease specialist, Doctor of Medical Sciences Nikolai Malyshev appreciated the idea of ​​giving QR codes “unofficially” to COVID-19 patients. According to him, in order to assign QR codes to those who have suffered a coronavirus and did not go to doctors, you first need to verify whether the person was sick. The specialist emphasized that one laboratory analysis does not say anything, and the decision should be made by the attending physician who “has the full picture.”

However, the chief freelance infectious disease specialist of the Russian Ministry of Health, Vladimir Chulanov, recalled that the World Health Organization (WHO) does not support the position of issuing QR codes “unofficially” to those who have had the disease. According to him, those who have suffered from COVID-19 are considered to be those whose disease has been confirmed.



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