In France, the incidence of coronavirus among children has risen sharply

BFM.TV: In France, the incidence of COVID-19 among children increased 2.5 times in a week

the incidence of coronavirus among children aged six to ten. This is reported by BFM.TV.

According to the TV channel, in a week the number of children infected with COVID-19 increased 2.5 times and reached 340 per 100 thousand citizens. At the same time, high school students aged 11 to 14 also have high morbidity rates. It is noted that these data indicate a very high rate of spread of infection among minors.

French Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquet said that at the moment more than 6,000 school classes are closed for quarantine due to coronavirus. Against the background of the worsening epidemiological situation, doctors are considering the possibility of vaccinating children.

Earlier, a representative of the French government Gabriel Attal said that the fifth wave of coronavirus in the republic is spreading at lightning speed. According to him, at the moment, the weekly increase in the number of people infected with COVID-19 is almost 80 percent. The politician warned that the authorities are forced to tighten control over the use of certificates of vaccination or previous illness.