Andrey Vorobyov checked the improvement of the main city park in Serpukhov

The head of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov checked the improvement of the main park in Serpukhov Hero of the Soviet Union Oleg Stepanov. This was reported by the press service of the governor and the government of the region.

“Every public space, every park is in great demand. Our chapters very carefully prepare the program so that this space is filled with life. The task is to have several spaces, parks in each city where you can walk, relax safely, comfortably, without thinking about anything, enjoying nature. This is perhaps the most obvious request in every corner of the Moscow region, “the governor noted.

The park was divided into thematic zones: children's, sports, art cluster, alleys with the main square. We planted trees and bushes, made a new entrance, a modern stage.

The park has benches, hammocks, swings, platforms by the pond. An art cluster for creative pursuits, a playground, a sports area with a mini-football field, volleyball, streetball, tennis courts, and large workout areas have been arranged. A bicycle and roller route has been created along the perimeter. In addition, the workers have improved the pond. The renovated park was opened to residents on October 2.

This year, the city also completed the improvement of the memorial on Cathedral Hill, the territory of the monument “To those killed in the Great Patriotic War” in the village of Proletarsky and the pedestrian zone in the village of Bolshevik.

The improvement of the city will continue next year. Within the framework of the program “Formation of a modern comfortable urban environment”, work is planned on the embankment of the Nara River. The embankment is planned to be divided into two parts: quiet and active. It will host sports and playgrounds, as well as the main pavilion and equip the area for events. The new viewing platforms and the rotunda will offer views of the historic city center and the river.