Doctors outraged by the intention to start criminal cases against colleagues who are anti-vaccine

Physician-therapist Kondrakhin: colleagues-anti-vaccinations should be trained, not imprisoned “” was outraged by the intention to open criminal cases against their colleagues who oppose vaccination. According to Kondrakhin, such doctors should not be imprisoned, but trained.

Earlier, the regional divisions of Roszdravnadzor submitted to the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor's Office information about 37 anti-vaccination users who could be prosecuted. The press service of the department noted that they were most interested in health workers, “actively disseminating deliberately false information about the dangers of vaccination against a new coronavirus infection,” and they were identified thanks to monitoring of the media, social networks and instant messengers.

We need to figure it out < p> “They have no right to plant, in my opinion, as with any violation, you need to arrange an internal investigation in a medical institution so that the head physician communicates directly with his subordinates, conducts a tough conversation about the fact that within the walls of the institution you cannot conduct anti-vaccination speeches “, – says Yartseva.

In her opinion, such behavior of anti-vaccination doctors is incorrect, however, the reasoning in social networks cannot be the basis for criminal prosecution. “It's one thing that the doctor speaks at the appointment, another thing that he can think about something in his social network, there must be evidence that the doctor is telling the patient not to do the vaccine, there must be some kind of appointment record or a complaint from the patient “, – notes Yartseva.

The doctor also noted that a person cannot be held criminally liable, since “no one can prove that a particular patient died due to not being vaccinated, we have a bunch of vaccinated patients dying.”

Kondrakhin also considered this measure unnecessary, because in Russia, according to him, there is already a shortage of doctors. He believes that it is more important in this case to engage in the education of doctors. “If a doctor openly makes anti-vaccination statements, this is a reason to train him, so that he takes certain courses, training at the“ red zone ”level, to see how it works, to certify him in his knowledge of vaccinations, and the maximum that is possible. to do is not to be allowed to work until he passes the certification. And to use an extreme measure … In my opinion, these are not murderers, not notorious criminals who need to be imprisoned, “the doctor said.

He also noted that when prosecuted, a person will not change his point vision, while it is important to find out what it is based on. “There is a concept of“ conscientious delusion ”, in some cases the information may be slightly misunderstood by the doctor, but he is worried about the patients, and this causes false judgments. And the patients may perceive everything completely differently from the way we wanted it, here it is necessary to conduct counseling, to find out why the doctors say exactly that way and whether they really say so, maybe it is perceived wrongly. The person who was told: “You know, you cannot be vaccinated today, you will have such and such problems,” says: “I was told you cannot be vaccinated, there will be problems, and I will die”. He added on his own, but the essence has changed, “Kondrakhin explained.



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