A woman with a low chance of getting pregnant gave birth to three children in a year

The Englishwoman gave birth to three children in a year after the doctors said about the low chances of pregnancy infertility, became a mother, having given birth to three children in a year: first a girl, and then twins. This is reported by Yahoo News.

Emma Geirns was 25 years old when doctors told her that she had a low chance of getting pregnant. Then the Englishwoman decided to focus on her career, but after meeting her husband, she decided that she wanted to try to have children, despite the words of doctors.

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The 34-year-old woman and her 32-year-old husband Jamie tried unsuccessfully to conceive for a year before Emma finally got pregnant. “We decided to take a break from trying after a year and spent the summer drinking alcohol and having fun. After that, the test showed pregnancy, “she explained.

As a result, the Englishwoman gave birth to a girl named Harlow. After the birth of their daughter, the couple decided it would take time before they could conceive again. “But literally the first time we had sex after giving birth, I got pregnant again,” said the woman.

Pregnancy with twins proceeded with complications: at some point, doctors even suspected that the expectant mother had a miscarriage. “Due to the pandemic, Jamie was not allowed to visit the doctor with me. I was shocked when they told me that I had twins, while I myself thought that I had lost a child. I got out of the car sobbing, and he tried to calm me down and tell me that we could try again. When I told him that we had twins, he thought I was joking, ”said the Englishwoman. Noah and Arthur were born healthy.

Now friends tell the woman's story to other people to give them hope that they too can conceive a child. The couple, who already have three children, have no plans to stop. “When you have three children under the age of two, it's crazy. It's great, but it's very hard work, “- explained Emma.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the English city of Havant, Hampshire, had a minimal chance of giving birth, but that all changed when she decided to lose the extra 50 kilograms. After losing weight, she went for a consultation on the in vitro fertilization procedure, and two weeks after the visit to the doctor, the couple learned that the Englishwoman was expecting a baby.