Virologist spoke about the exact way to confirm recovery from coronavirus

Virologist Nesterov: negative PCR cannot be considered a guarantee of recovery from COVID-19

Sergey Nesterov, virologist and doctor of biological sciences, told radio Sputnik the exact method that will help confirm complete recovery from COVID-19.

According to Nesterov, a standard negative PCR test cannot be considered a guarantee of recovery from coronavirus. “The fact is that a PCR sample taken from the nasopharynx determines the presence of a virus in the nasopharynx. From there, as you know, the virus leaves quite quickly: it can end up in the lungs, in the blood, in the intestines, “the expert said.

In his opinion, PCR should be taken twice with an interval of about three days. And when the PCR in the nasopharynx finally becomes negative, you can check the PCR in the blood. This will be an additional guarantee that there is no coronavirus in the body.

Earlier, Elena Malinnikova, head of the Department of Virology of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education and Doctor of Medical Sciences, explained the false negative tests for COVID-19. In the first three days after infection, testing does not reveal the disease in 80 percent of cases, she said.