The most important bank in the world is named

JpMorgan named as the world's most systemically important bank Chase is the most important bank in the world. The rating of 30 leading credit institutions is published on the council's website.

The FSB has assessed 30 world banks that have the status of globally systemically important, distributing them into five baskets, depending on the size of the capital adequacy premium, which is required to comply with specific banks by national regulators. The capital adequacy ratio is one of the most important financial indicators of banks in countries that recognize the standards of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision – “Basel III”. This includes Russia. The ratio is calculated as the quotient of dividing the bank's equity capital by the size of its assets. In this case, the created reserves for possible losses on loans are deducted from the amount of assets, and each asset (usually a loan or bond) is multiplied by an individual risk coefficient, depending on the degree of its reliability.

It is believed that compliance with the standard indicates the bank's ability to fulfill obligations to creditors. In addition, national central banks usually impose an additional premium on top of the general requirements for the most systemically important banks. The place of a particular bank in a particular basket of the FSB rating depends on the amount of this premium.

The maximum possible premium, which indicates the highest importance of the bank for the global financial system, is set at 3.5 percent. This year, such requirements are not imposed on any bank in the world, although JPMorgan Chase corresponded to them in last year's rating. In the current version, it is included in the second basket with a 2.5 percent markup.

BNP Paribas, Citi Group and HSBC are in the third basket with a two percent markup, and in the fourth – with a 1.5 percent markup – several credit institutions at once: Bank of America, Bank of China, Barclays, China Construction Bank, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Mitsubishi UFJ FG. For the rest of the members of the list, a surcharge of one percent is relevant.



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