The man who died on the plane from Egypt was taken to Russia

S7: the body of the passenger who committed suicide on the plane from Egypt was delivered to Samara The men took al-Sheikh to Samara, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the S7 airline.

It is noted that after an emergency landing in Cairo, doctors tried to save the passenger, but he died. According to the LIFE SHOT Telegram channel, the Egyptian police refused to leave the body in the country's capital. He was loaded into the luggage compartment of the same plane and taken to Russia.

In Samara, the plane landed at 6:09 local time – five hours later than planned.

Earlier it was. It is known that a 48-year-old auto mechanic who was resting in Egypt committed suicide in the toilet of the plane. Passengers who were in the airliner with the deceased said that during the flight the man behaved strangely and talked to himself.