Russian doctor announced heart problems in half of COVID-19 patients

Safonov's doctor: every second COVID-19 patient has heart problems

According to statistics, every second coronavirus survivor has problems in the work of the heart. This was stated by the doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics of the LabQuest network of medical offices Anna Safonova, her words are quoted by Izvestia.

The expert clarified that heart problems are also noted in those who have had COVID-19 without symptoms. In a special risk group are persons with a predisposition to diseases of this kind, the doctor emphasized.

“Coronavirus can lead to myocarditis, that is, inflammation of the heart muscle, rhythm disturbances, heart failure,” the specialist explained. >

To eliminate the risks of cardiovascular diseases, she recommended to undergo a comprehensive genetic analysis to identify predisposition to these pathologies.

Earlier, the chief neurologist of the family clinic chain Oybek Turgunhuzhaev said that some of the patients who had had coronavirus complain to migratory pains throughout the body. He noted that this could be a symptom of fibromyalgia, which manifests itself after COVID-19.