Russia proposed to change the procedure for obtaining medical certificates for motorists

Kommersant: The Ministry of Health proposed new rules for obtaining driver's medical certificates

The Ministry of Health has prepared a draft of a new procedure for obtaining driver's medical certificates. Kommersant writes about this.

The document proposed by the department defines the risk group for drivers with clinical signs of drug addiction disorders. In particular, according to the conceived rules, motorists who have visible marks of injections will be sent for a full-fledged expensive laboratory analysis, bypassing express urine analysis.

The same fate awaits drivers with excessive sweating, excessively low heart rate, drowsiness, agitation, hand tremors, or emotional instability. In this case, the basis will be the identification by the narcologist at the same time of three signs of drug use.

In November 2019, the Ministry of Health intended to amend the procedure for compulsory medical examination, increasing the volume of research. It was assumed that the cost of passing the commission will increase several times. Information about the new rules caused a stir among drivers; in several cities of Russia, queues of people wishing to issue a medical certificate to obtain or exchange a driver's license at the same price lined up at once. Later, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the new procedure for medical examinations for drivers nonsense. He agreed with the need for additional examinations related to drug use, but urged to be smart about the approval of specific methods.

Earlier it was reported that Russians who want to get a car license will have to undergo a new medical test. To obtain a medical certificate, future drivers will be required to donate blood for carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (CDT), a marker indicating chronic alcoholism. If they are identified, the citizen will be sent to a narcological dispensary.