Motorists were outraged by the new rules for obtaining medical certificates for drivers

Public figure Lysakov on new medical certificates for drivers: it will cost 2-3 times more and ex-State Duma deputy, chairman of the interregional public organization of motorists “Freedom of Choice” Vyacheslav Lysakov, in a conversation with “” criticized the new rules for obtaining medical certificates for drivers, which were proposed by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, “Kommersant” reported that the department abandoned the idea of ​​identifying addiction to alcoholism using CDT tests, but they plan to oblige drivers to undergo additional laboratory tests “with clinical signs of drug addiction disorders.” Under the new rules, a narcologist will be able to prohibit issuing a certificate if at least 3 signs of drug use are found: the presence of injection marks, narrowing or dilated pupils, hand tremors, inappropriate behavior, pallor or dry skin, and more.

An in-depth study will cost 2-3 times more than a certificate with the result of the previously proposed CDT test, Lysakov said. Therefore, in his opinion, narcologists interested in profit can begin to send for additional research not those who really arouse suspicion, but every other person. “After all, we are talking about the fact that we are offered a paid procedure, our medical services are smoothly moving from the category of free to the category of paid ones, so the question here is whether we care about our safety on the roads or whether it is about medical institutions that are conducting these studies. , will they make good money on this? ” – noted the public figure.

According to Shaparin, the initiative of the Ministry of Health does not change anything, since the department does not take into account the prevailing realities of the market. “Certificates are sold in private medical institutions, and they do not ask you for a certificate from a narcologist and psychiatrist, but immediately issue a final certificate without any difficulties,” he said.

Shaparin also noted that the initiative is already outdated, so as injection drugs are now very rare, and most drug addicts use substances that do not leave marks on the body. “Therefore, we propose to the Ministry of Health in this case to adopt the practice that exists when issuing certificates for weapons, when all without exception pass a drug test,” the public figure concluded.



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