Design thinking has become the new norm of the workflow at Sberbank

December 12 Sberbank invites everyone to take part in SberDesign Conf for free

Provide access to unique content that will inspire people to develop their creative skills up to the decision to retrain as designers – this is how the organizers of the first digital conference of Sberbank see their task.

SberDesign Conf will be held online. The conference participants will have 15 sessions that will be held by recognized authorities in various areas of design: AR/VR technologies, architecture, fashion, CX/UX research, product and industrial design, computer graphics and animation, sound design.

Why today it is impossible to become a leader in the field of high technologies, if you do not attach importance to design when creating IT products, David Rafalovsky, Executive Vice President of Sberbank, CTO of Sberbank, will tell.

And the scientific director of the Sberra Laboratory of Neurosciences and Human Behavior, renowned physician Andrei Kurpatov, will consider the features of the impact on different psychotypes of people with the help of design to form consumer preferences, how design affects the formation of personality, including ethics in new game metauniverses.

The most interesting thing is a view from different angles: what is design in music, in fashion, what is system design, says Vlad Kreinin, senior vice president, director of the marketing and communications department of Sberbank. According to him, Sberbank just needs the design of the system that unites it, makes it recognizable, understandable, familiar, organic for people.

“We have such a concept as design thinking,” shares Vlad Kreinin. – Around 2016-2017, it became the norm in the workflow at Sberbank, when you design any product from the client, from his needs, any product that the client comes into contact with. Design thinking from the client, from his life scenario – this is the main principle that guides us in all our processes. ”

SberDesign Conf was conceived not just as an interesting event for the professional community, the organizers set themselves the task of developing this community … “And, of course, we hope that this conference will help our specialists become the best version of themselves, attract specialists from related fields to discuss new tasks,” noted Vlad Kreinin.
You can register for participation in SberDesign Conf on the conference website , which will open from 28 November 2021

15 sessions dedicated to discussing trends in a wide variety of areas of design. In one day, conference participants will be able to find out what the leading Russian and international experts of the creative industries in the field of design and AR/VR technologies, architecture, fashion, CX/UX research, product and industrial design, computer graphics and animation think about today and tomorrow of design. , sound design, as well as top managers and experts of Sberbank and ecosystem companies.