Zakharova spoke about London, entangled in intrigues over the crisis with migrants

Zakharova: the British authorities got entangled in political intrigues over the crisis with migrants entangled in their intrigues over the migrant crisis. She wrote about this in her Telegram account.

Zakharova commented on the statement of the US special envoy for Belarus Julie Fisher that the US and the European Union are going to impose new sanctions against Minsk due to the situation on the border with Poland. She noted that meanwhile the flow of illegal immigrants on the Belarusian section of the EU border is growing.

In addition, the diplomat noted that the total number of migrants trying to break through the English Channel has already exceeded 20 thousand people. “Compared to these figures, the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border is not striking in scale. It amazes with the quality of the Esovites – “soft concentration camp”, as the actions of Warsaw are called in the media, “- she said.

The representative of the Russian department also added that the rhetoric heard from the UK and France mainly boils down to mutual recriminations and the search for the culprits. At the same time, no one in London is going to send military forces to build barbed wire on the border with France or impose sanctions against the Elysee Palace, she said. Zakharova stressed that at the same time, the British Ministry of Defense has already decided to send military engineers to Poland. “Either they got confused in geography, or in political intrigues,” the diplomat concluded.

Earlier, the US Special Representative for Belarus Julie Fisher said that Washington intends to introduce new sanctions against Belarus. According to her, the authorities of the States and the European Union (EU) make it clear that additional restrictions will be introduced against Minsk due to the situation on the country's border with Poland. Fischer stressed that President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko “bears full responsibility” for the migration crisis. She also added that the West remains united on this issue and uses the available tools to change the policy of Minsk.



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