The homeless person's honesty touched passers-by and helped him find a roof over his head

A 38-year-old homeless man found housing thanks to the honest inscription on the sign

A homeless man from Wakefield, England, West York Nadshire, has found the rooftops head thanks to honesty and frank inscription on the plate. This is reported by Yorkshire Live.

38-year-old Michael Bucknell said that he had problems with money and the landlord, and at some point he was left homeless and without a livelihood and ended up on the street. He added that he was tired of wandering the streets and decided to raise money and try to find a job to move to his home before Christmas.

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However, Bucknell quickly faced the harsh reality and negativity of passers-by. His misfortune did not touch anyone and did not arouse a desire to help; on the contrary, the homeless person annoyed everyone. “I don't like begging – I find it rather humiliating. They spat on me, beat me, accused me of asking for money only to take drugs, “he noted.

Tired of constant humiliation, the man decided to change the text on the plate with which he collected money, and wrote: “My name is Michael, I do not use drugs or alcohol, I was just unlucky that I became homeless. I am looking for any job and part-time job. Thank you for your help and kindness, Michael. ”

A homeless person was seen by a woman named Molly Mae. She photographed the sign and posted it on Facebook calling for donations to help Bucknell. This post changed the attitude of many local residents towards the British: they began to give him money and food more often. After some time, the man managed to save 150 pounds (15 thousand rubles) and rent a house in an organization that helps the homeless.

Earlier it was reported that strangers in the United States collected a large sum of money on the Internet for housing for a homeless person.