Sergey Lazarev decorated the house with a Christmas tree more than a month before the New Year

Russian singer Sergei Lazarev posted a photo with children in front of a Christmas tree

Russian pop singer Sergei Lazarev decorated his home with a New Year tree. The artist started decorating the house more than a month before the holidays. Lazarev shared the details with subscribers on Instagram.

The singer posted a photo in which he, together with two children, posing against the background of a Christmas tree. The artist chose white as the main color for toys, complementing it with gold and bronze elements. Lazarev clarified that he entrusted the installation of the Christmas tree to professional decorators.

“It seems to be only mid-November, but in the hustle and bustle of modern life and the crazy rhythm of work, sometimes you forget about everything. And for an artist, this is all the more relevant … I always thought that the Christmas tree is the most important attribute of the holiday, because it is she who creates that very indescribable atmosphere, “the singer wrote under the photo.

In January 2021, the rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations warned the Russians about the dangers of storing a Christmas tree in an apartment until spring, since dried needles pose an increased fire hazard. They also clarified that artificial Christmas trees made of synthetic materials have a similar property.



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