Only vaccinated people will be allowed to euthanize in Germany

The German Euthanasia Association will ban unvaccinated and infected COVID-19

who may be sick with COVID-19 or not vaccinated against the coronavirus, as this increases the likelihood of the subsequent spread of the virus. This is stated on the website of the association.

Euthanasia should be allowed to be done only by those who are vaccinated or recovered after being infected with the coronavirus. “Euthanasia and preparation for it requires the responsibility of those who choose to die, but it also requires human closeness,” the association said in a statement. However, such “closeness” – for example, the presence of close people – can turn into their infection, since the virus can spread from a corpse, the message says.

In this regard, a new procedure for preparing for euthanasia is introduced in at least two German cities – Zurich and Hamburg.

In February 2020, the German Constitutional Court recognized the right of citizens of the country to voluntary euthanasia. It can be carried out by a representative of a commercial medical organization or any doctor who is engaged in medical practice.



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