Oksimiron announced the release date of the third album

The third studio album of rapper Oksimiron will be released on December 1

Russian hip-hop artist Oksimiron (real name – Miron Fedorov) has announced the release date of the third studio album – it will happen on December 1. This was reported on the rapper's website “when-album.rf”.

The message on the site reads: “OXXXYMIRON ALBUM 01.12.2021”. It also appeared on the artist's social networks – on Twitter and Instagram, as well as on his Telegram channel.

The musician did not disclose the release details.

Earlier in November, Oksimiron released a series of singles and videos on them, which is why fans of the hip-hop artist decided that the rapper should soon release a third studio album, the first in six years. The album was supposed to be released on November 12, but on that date Fedorov did not publish an album, but a mixtape, consisting mainly of old songs.

Oksimiron's latest album, “Gorgorod”, was released in 2015.