It became known about the condition of Marina Khlebnikova, injured in the fire

Singer Khlebnikova, injured in the fire, was removed from the ventilator, her condition is still grave removed from the ventilator, but her condition is still serious. This became known to the StarHit edition.

According to the publication, the singer now has a temperature of around 38.5 degrees. She cannot eat on her own, so food is passed to her through a special probe. The artist suffers severe pain from a second-degree burn of the respiratory tract.

At the same time, the artist is conscious, she understands everything and behaves adequately. It is not yet known when the star will be transferred to a regular ward.

The fire in the house of Marina Khlebnikova was reported on Thursday, November 18. The flame was extinguished at 22:50. The Emergencies Ministry officers who arrived at the scene carried the singer out of the fire in a state of shock. The artist was given first aid, then she was hospitalized.

According to preliminary data, a fire could have occurred due to an unextinguished cigarette. On the day of the fire, Khlebnikova had just returned from a tour and was very tired. At the time of the fire, her parents, husband, daughter were with her in the apartment.