Infectionists estimate the scale of the spread of influenza this year

Infectious disease specialists: no large-scale spread of influenza is expected this year get vaccinated to prevent the overlay of this infection on the coronavirus. This is reported by TASS.

“The only thing we can say is that all those anti-epidemic measures that are being taken in relation to coronavirus infection also help with the spread of influenza. And as we did not see the active spread of this infection last year, a low incidence of influenza is also expected this year, “said Elena Malinnikova, head of the Department of Virology at the Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education.

Associate Professor at the Department of Infectious Diseases in Children RNIMU them. NI Pirogova, infectious disease doctor Ivan Konovalov added that currently there is no serious rise in infections in the regions of Russia. According to him, now is the best time to get vaccinated against the flu.

The infectious disease specialist also explained why Russians are reluctant to get vaccinated. He believes that citizens are not sufficiently informed about what a vaccine is and what complications the disease can cause in risk groups, for example, in children, the elderly, pregnant women and patients with chronic diseases.

Formerly Deputy Director of the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N.F. Gamaleya Denis Logunov revealed that simultaneous vaccination against COVID-19 and influenza enhances the effectiveness of influenza vaccination.