In Russia, a teenager wanted to shoot at a school for an award from a stranger

A teenager was detained in Kazan who wanted to shoot at school for 5 thousand rubles

In Kazan, a teenager wanted to shoot at a school. In the police, he said that for this the stranger had promised him a reward of five thousand rubles, according to the Telegram channel Mash Uptash.

The 14-year-old student was already registered with the juvenile affairs unit because of hooliganism.

A teenager during interrogation assured that a stranger had thrown off the address of a cache of clothes for an attack on a school. He noted that he wanted to do it in a Hate T-shirt with a bloody white rose in the style of the American subculture.

According to the young man, he and a friend actually found clothes at the site of the alleged cache.

FSB officers now they are deciding to initiate a case.

In October, a 12-year-old schoolboy opened fire in a village school near Perm. The child started firing from the Saiga hunting rifle stolen from his father. As a result of the incident, one person was injured – the student received minor abrasions from a shard of glass, the doctors provided him with the necessary assistance and sent him home.