British virologist denies “self-destruction” of the delta strain of coronavirus

Virologist Jones: the delta strain did not self-destruct, the incidence fell due to vaccination in Japan fell due to vaccinations and sanitary measures imposed by the local government. This opinion was voiced by Ian Jones, professor of virology at the British University of Reading, in a comment to

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Jones denied the assumption that the virus could mutate in some unique way only in Japan, which would lead to his self-destruction in this country, since he is in similar conditions in many other countries. According to him, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is constantly mutating, and this is what led to the emergence of the delta variant in the first place.

However, the possibilities of mutation of the virus are limited, so in the end it will come to the form in which its ability to infect people will correspond to the immunity of the population, the expert noted. “It is possible that we have already seen more or less all strains of coronavirus, and delta may be the last significant option that we will see. But whatever path [the evolution of the virus] takes, it will not be unique to Japan, ”said the British virologist.



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